22 Dec 2014

Make-up brushes fit for your Christmas stocking.

Christmas is just a few days away and if still need to fill up your Christmas stocking, this is the perfect gift idea!

I recently popped into Edgars at Pavilion to see what was available. As per tradition I walked straight to their Forever New counter where I came across their make-up brushes which have recently been launched in South Africa.

These brushes are perfect for those who are starting to use makeup and need a beginners set, or for those who simply need to replace old brushes without spending too much. There are about four different options for you to pick depending on how many brushes you wish to buy. Each set comes in a beautifully designed case which is convenient if you need to keep them in your bag as travel brushes. 

The pieces that are available is:
  • 5pc, 'Lee Printed' brush set for R399.

  • 7pc, 'Molly Cylinder' brush set for R399.
  • 9pc, 'Tilly Medium' brush set for R399.
  • 16 pc, Hannah Large' brush set for R549.
My favourite has to be the Molly Cylinder brush set. It comes with, a powder brush, blush brush, eyebrow brush, angled eye-shadow brush, eye-shadow blend brush,eyeliner brush and my favourite, a flat top foundation brush which blends in your makeup better than your regular pointed foundation brush. There are three colours for you to pick, Celeste Blue, Hot Pink, and White. 

These brush sets comes with a minimum of 5 brushes which is usually the price of one brush from Mac which retails for about R480 per brush, and Bobbi Brown which retails for about R350 per brush. Although their brushes are perfect for applying makeup, their prices are not reasonable for your everyday student or if you are on a budget. 

So pop into your nearest Forever New store and fill up your stocking with this beautifully designed make-up brush sets at an affordable price. If you need that added encouragement to buy it, visit the Forever New counter at Edgars in Pavilion where their friendly staff got me purchasing this for my Christmas stocking.


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