24 Mar 2015

My favourite facial wipes: Johnson's

Over the past month or so I have been trying various facial wipes to find out which is the best in terms of the drugstore brands. I decided to try out facial wipes rather than make-up removers because i find wipes to be more convenient when you're in a rush or feeling lazy to do your entire make-up removing routine. I have come to the conclusion that the Johnson & Johnson Daily Essential Facial Cleansing Wipes are by far the best drugstore brand available. 

I love this product because it removes my make -up completely without drying out my skin. It also didn't sting on my face as some of the other brands were doing. It is good for removing foundation but you might have a slight problem with gel based eyeliner. It retails for about R47.99 which is not bad compared to the prices of Mac's facial wipes. It might not feel as luxuaries as Mac's but considering the price you're paying, it is good enough.

I guess you can say that you get what you pay for but all in all it is definitely my favourite facial wipes at the moment. 
If you know of any other brand that you are enjoying please let me know.