17 Apr 2015

Review: Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil

I have been using Lipidol's Cleansing Face Oil for a few weeks now. I was pretty interest on how an oil-based face cleanser would work.

The first thing that got my attention had to be the simplicity of their packaging. The purpose of their oil-based formula is to remove dirt and make-up without stripping the skin's natural oily layer. The oil-based formula contains natural oils as well as plant extracts such as neem seeds.

It is pretty simple to use. Basically you just apply a  bit of the oil onto your face and massage the formula into your face. The next step is too add a bit of water onto your face to emulsify the oil and continue massaging the product to help lift off the make-up and dirt off your face. The last step is to rinse off. I promise you, it was the most amazing feeling once I dried my face. It really does deliver what it promises. My face felt smooth and soft. It did not feel dry and in desperate need of toner. I was really impressed with the result and continued using the product.

A week later I noticed my face breaking out more often than usual. I decided to stop using Lipidol and my pimples stopped as well. I'm not sure if it is the product or just stress from a busy week. I will give this product another try once my face has settled to determine whether it is the product or just me.
I decided to do some research and found a lot of mixed reviews on this product. Some people had the same reactions as me whilst others are enjoying the soothing feeling that Lipidol provides.

I do hope it was just a bad week and not this product as I loved the feeling of my face screaming for my toner straight after my face wash. You would assume that an oil-based product would make your face feel oily but it does the complete opposite.

If you are interested in purchasing this product then visit your nearest Clicks store at only R79.95.
For more info visit, lipidol.com.


  1. when you are using a cleansing oil, you should be wiping off with a cloth and/or doing a second cleanse. Actually, no matter what type of cleanser you are using, you should ALWAYS do a second cleanse if you wear make up and esp when you use an SPF...

    1. I have been using the Garnier Miceller water before my cleanse to help remove my makeup which has really helped. Thanks for the tip, though, I will definitely give it a try when I use waterproof makeup because they are really stubborn to remove. Thanks for stopping by :)