26 May 2015

Avon 'Liquid Freeze' Review

I really enjoy painting my nails but I hate having to wait so long for them to dry. I always try and do things cautiously but this always in my nail polish smudging. To help with my impatient behavior I decided to give the Avon nail experts "Liquid Freeze; a try.

I painted my nails as usual and then I sprayed the liquid freeze on my nails. The bottle has a spraying nozzle for easy application.  It felt as if I sprayed baby oil on my nails as it makes my nails as well as the rest of my finger really oily. This was not very pleasant however, I decided to rub the oil around my cuticles just like you would a cuticle cream. For effective results it is best if you hole the bottle about 30cm away from your nails so that the formula sprays on all of your nails in one pump rather than having to spray a few times which wastes the product as well as making your fingers too oily. A minute later and my nails were completely dry. The oily residue around my nails however, did not dry into my skin so I had to wipe it off with a tissue.

The next time I used the spray I was doing a nail design which needed two colours for the design. The freeze was perfect to speed up application time. I applied the base colour and dried it with the liquid freeze. a minute later I applied the nail art with the second colour followed by the liquid freeze. another minute later and my nails were dry and ready for the final layer of top coat. The freeze does not affect the shinny gloss of the nail polish or that of matte nail polish.

I personally am not a fan of the scent of this spray but this does fade as it dries up my nail polish. The bottle is a cute, travel friendly, 50 ml plastic bottle which is perfect to carry around when you need to touch up your nails before a meeting or a date.

I have tried various nail drying products but this seems to be my favourite at the moment. There are a few things I don't enjoy about this product but this product does get the job done. If you would like to purchase this product then contact your nearest Avon rep to place an order. For more information on Avon proucts you can visit the Avon site, here, as well as the page in their brochure about the Avon nail experts liquid freeze, here.

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