15 May 2015

Friday favourite: Essence I ♥ Trends 'The Nude Collection'

I am generally a black nail polish sort of person but now and again I do love my nude nail polish colours. Essence recently released their 'I ♥ Trends Collection' which consists of The Nude Collection, as well as The Pastel Collection.
  • The Pastel Collection:

According to their online site they have four different pastel shades however, I have not come across their pastel range as yet.
  • The Nude Collection:
There are five different shades in this collection. These shades look perfect for all skin tones. The finish to these shades vary from shade to shade. Some have a glossy finish whilst others have a shimmery finish to them. 

I recently received the shade called, " 03 I'm lost in you" from my friend and I was so excited to give it a try as I love nude nail polish.

This shade has a glossy finish to it. It has a slight peach undertone to it. I have a medium skin tone and I was quite impressed that it suited me because I find it a bit difficult to find nude shades that compliment me. In terms of the quality of this product I was quite impressed. Essence is a drug store brand but I have found that their nail polishes last longer than they used too. Top off your favourite colour with a good quality top coat and you're good to go.

The Essence I ♥ Trends Collection retails at R32.95, at your nearest Dischem and Clicks store. These are definitely shades worth purchasing because it is so affordable and is suitable for most skin tones. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

P.s. Essence also has make-up in their, 'The Nude Collection' which have received very good reviews by well known beauty bloggers. Be sure to give those a try. I will be posting a review on one of them shortly.


  1. I love these trend selections Essence have. The nudes are just gorgeous! Must agree the gel range really does last longer than their nail polishes usually lasted! Great post friend!


    1. Thanks so much :) Essence cosmetics are just getting better and better.