6 Jul 2015

Brush Egg Review

This little gadget has flooded our social media pages over the past month. It is cute, inexpensive, and very effective. 

I recently received one from SwiitchCo as well as one from the beautiful make-up artist, Fatima Mahomed, in the competition she had over Instagram with SwiitchCo. I thought I would do a quick review on how I use it and why it is worth purchasing.

The Brushegg is the perfect dupe for the Sigma Makeup Glove which is insanely expensive. It is also made from silicon just like Sigma's glove, however, the Brushegg can only fit two fingers when trying to hold it. 
It comes in a variety of different colours (mint green, pink, purple).

The Brushegg is used to deep clean your makeup brushes by using a minimal amount of cleaning solution. There are two parts to the Brushegg, one with straight ridges and another with tiny knobs. This is because makeup brushes are different sizes and so the two types of ridges help clean the different types of brushes. Generally the larger area with straight ridges is used for your larger brushes (powder, blush, contour...) and the smaller area with the tiny knobs are for your smaller brushes (eyeshadow, blending, crease...). The smaller knobs are used for foaming and lathering and the larger straight ridges are used to agitate the bristles of your makeup brushes just enough to release any dirt or makeup on your brushes. 

I clean my brushes in these simple steps,

- Soak my Brushegg in a bowl of hot water for about 5 minutes
- Place my index and middle finger in the Brushegg 
- Add a pea size amount of my makeup brush cleanser on the Brushegg 
   - Depending on what brush I am cleaning, that's the area I will pour the cleanser on
   - You can use whatever cleanser you use for your cleaning your brushes (shampoo/soap/cleanser)
- Place my makeup brush under some running water for a few seconds
- Rub my brush over the ridges of the Brushegg to release any makeup or dirt that is in the brush

The small knobs for smaller brushes. 

The bigger linear ridges for larger brushes.

-Rinse the brush in some running water
-Rub the brush again on the ridges to get out any remaining residue
-Rinse my makeup brush and Brushegg
-Place on a towel to dry

You can also dry them whilst they are in a brush guard, to ensure the bristles keep their shape (I did a post on the brush guards a while back. If you didn't get a chance to read it then click, here)

I dread cleaning my brushes, but this little gadget has really made it fun. It makes the whole process much faster because the ridges really get between the bristles of the brushed to remove the dirt and makeup. 

The price for the Brushegg is really reasonable because it cleans your brushes in half the time and does so without damaging the bristles in any way. Sadly the Brushegg is not available for purchase in South Africa at retail stores but it is available online at SwiitchCo for only R119.99. What's even better, is that SwiitchCo offers free delivery throughout South Africa, so click here, to get your own Brushegg today!


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    1. It really makes brush cleaning so much more faster and efficient.

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  3. Does soaking the BrushEgg make it softer? I have one and I love using it, makes cleaning my brushes less of a chore
    Pieces in Pink | Lifestyle & Beauty Blog

    1. I do it to clean the inside of my BrushEgg but it does make it a little softer. i absolutely agree, I am so glad that the BrushEgg was made because I used to hate washing my brushes.