25 Jul 2015

Vichy Laboratoires 'Normaderm' Range Review

A while ago I started using the Vichy Laboratoires ‘Normaderm’ Range for ‘Clean Clear Skin.’ 

I heard great things about the Vichy brand and so I wanted to give it a try.

Okay, so a little background information about myself…
I used to have terrible acne when I was in Highschool. I thought it would clear after matric, but sadly it did not. During my first year at Univeristy, I visited a Dermatologist who prescribed certain medication to help reduce my acne. I was on treatment for 3 months then changed to another type of medication for 6 months and then another for a further 3 months. My Dermatologist then said I could stop taking my medication and that I should be able to remain acne free. This lasted for about 2 months before it started creeping up again. So here I am about a year or so later with acne yet again.

Now back to Vichy…
When I used to visit the Dermatologist I used to see Vichy products on his display counter so when my mom received this kit I thought I should give it a try because if the Dermatologist thinks it is a good brand then it should be, right?

The kit came in a cute green and white tin which contained four products as imprinted on the reverse side of the tin.

1. Purifying Cleansing Gel

The face wash was a thick clear liquid which didn’t have much of a scent to it. I used it twice a day as my everyday cleanser. The cleanser contains Salicylic Acid which is said to address issues in your skin which causes blemishes. Salicylic Acid is said to have the ability to penetrate into your pores and therefore, be able to exfoliate your pores. This helps in reducing blackheads and whiteheads. However, in order for Salicylic Acid to work effectively it needs to absorb into your skin for a while. This isn’t really possible since the product is a cleanser and cleansers need to be washed off quickly. Overall I found this cleanser to be gentle on my skin and I had no trouble using it…. Until I dried my face and left the bathroom. After leaving my face to air a bit, it began to tighten up a lot. My face felt really dry and in desperate need for the toner in order to allow it to breathe. This was the only downfall with using the cleanser.

2. Purifying Pore-tightening Toner

Do you know that feeling after doing a long run with no water and then finally at the end of the run you have that first sip of water and you just feel like you had a taste of magic? Well, that is how my face felt after applying the toner. It helps relax my pores and free my face from the tight sensation which it was experiencing from the cleanser. Like most toners, this toner was transparent in colour. I was a bit disappointed with the scent of it. It was really strong and had an alcoholic smell to it. I should just add in there that the toner contains no soap or parabens.

3.Tri-active Anti-imperfection Hydrating Care

This was by far my favourite product from the kit. It was so smooth and soothing. I applied this to my entire face and it left my face soft and smooth. This cream is also paraben free. According to the description of this product it is supposed to, “Reduces all imperfections, redness, shiny skin, uneven complexion and acne scarring, and provides continuous hydration for 24 hours.” The consistency of this cream allows it to absorb into your skin and keeps your face hydrated throughout the day.

4.Fast Acting Anti-imperfection Targeted Care (Normaderm Hyaluspot)

This little beauty helped with targeting and treating acne marks. The purpose of this product was to minimise marks. It was a transparent gel formula which comes out of a small tube. The key is to apply a small amount directly onto the acne mark to help lighten it and ultimately clearing it. The reason for the gel-like texture is because it covers your acne in order to prevent any bacteria from coming into contact with it.

I used this kit for a week because it is a trail kit. Overall I did enjoy using it because it was not harsh on my skin and it did help with controlling my acne a bit and with treating my acne scars. It did not cause any further breakouts and I hope that it would work well for you if you ever give it a try. My only wish is for their creams to contain SPF in them. None of the products in this kit had SPF and so I had to use another product after which works out to be more costly. If you would like to find out more about the Vichy brand and their other products then you can visit their site, here. 

I would love to know what skin care products you are loving so please let me know in the comments below, xx. 


  1. I've never tried any of their products but they do sound lovely!


    1. You must give it a try Janneke!! It is really gentle on your face.

  2. Hey Rivania. I've tried several leading product brands without success. Until a friend introduced me to the Luminesce range. In a word, unrivaled! I'd love you to check it out too. Here's a link - http://tinyurl.com/oeoe984

    1. Hi Layton, I visited the link and it seems really interesting! Is it available for purchase in SA?