1 Feb 2016


Mangwanani is famous for their luxurious massages and spa treatments. The soothing sound of the river and birds mixed with their calming essential oils and candles makes you forget all of your problems and  start drifting into a magical place. The Mangwanani African milk and honey body butter is a magic potion that takes you to your magical place at the comfort of your own home. 
Mangwanani was founded by Erin Limbert in 2002, who had a dream of creating a wellness centre. The spa not only creates a complete head -to-toe calming experience but also provides job opportunities for rural women. 

However, not everyone is able to afford this luxurious pamper session. Mangwanani also offers a few products for you to purchase so you can have your own spa experience at home. I recently tried their African Milk and Honey body butter and I was blown away.

It is thick; creamy and soothing with a hint of essential oils to ensure that your body is as soft as a babies bum. It contains Cocoa butter which is really good for your skin. Cocoa butter is high in antioxidants which help fight off free radicals. It is also known for reducing stretch marks and help to hydrate your skin. 

It comes in a 250ml plastic tub for only R85.00 which can be purchased at Mangwanani or online, here.

For more information about Mangwanani, visit their site, here

Take the spa home with you with Mangwanani's African Milk & Honey body butter that not only softens your skin but calms you too, 


  1. This sounds lovely I love the cocoa butter scents

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. It really is Candice, plus its more affordable than most body butters. xx