6 Jul 2016


As many of you know Essence cosmetics has released a #LoveYourShade range which caters for women of colour. I recently made a post about their Mattifying Compact Powder which you can read, here, and the Soft Touch Mousse Foundation which you can read, here. Today's blog post will focus on the essence cosmetics Coverstick which is a creamy concealer designed like a lipstick. If you would like to know more about it, then keep on reading!
essence added matt caramel to their coverstick range which is in the shade number 50. It is a creamy concealer that is dermatologically tested. The essence concealer actually reminds me of the Yardley concealer which was the very first concealer I ever bought.

As I have mentioned the concealer is creamy which means it glides on easily to help conceal any exposed scars. I prefer using it around my nose and lips and on my cheeks. I prefer using a liquid concealer around my eye area because I find stick ones a bit too thick.

This concealer was really easy to blend. It melted easily by simply using the heat from my fingers, no tools necessary! It blends completely to a matte finish. The concealer provides a light to medium coverage. It works best to cover up redness and dark spots. I don't think it does an excellent job concealing dark circles because it is not pigmented enough. If you have a look at the ingredients you will notice that allantoin is one of these ingredients. Allantoin is used to ensure that the concealer is an anti-irritant as well as being a skin protector, This is particularly good for those with sensitive skin or acne prone skin.

An important point to mention is that this concealer is dermatologically tested and essence was still able to maintain an animal cruelty-free status which is rather impressive.

I think that the fact that essence cosmetics decided to design their concealer to resemble a lipstick ensures that it is travel-friendly. Overall, I do enjoy using this product but I prefer keeping it in my bag as a touch-up concealer.

If you would like to give this concealer a try then pop into your nearest Dischem or Clicks store, or any essence counters near you. The essence coverstick concealer retails for R39.95.


  1. I'm not a big fan of the essence foundation or cover sticks. But they have the BEST nail polish ever!

    Have a wonderful day,
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    1. I love how affordable their nail polish are! I would love to visit your blog, xx

  2. great review :)
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  3. I don't why stick concealers/foundations never appeal to me. x


    1. I also feel the same. I prefer liquid based products because I feel that they blend better. xx