8 Dec 2014

Paint the town RED this Christmas!

Red is all the craze this Christmas may it be your lips, nails or the clothing. Since it is Christmas time, a bit of splurging is allowed with a bit of budgeting on the side of course. I will be giving you some tips that I have come across in terms of red lipstick to add a bit of spice to your look.

Nothing is more attractive than a confident woman and some bold red lips but it is important to get the right shade for your skin tone.

  • Fair skin tone: A cool-toned shade of red will work well with your cool-toned skin. You should avoid lipsticks that have an orange or gold hue. Opt for a more coral-y looking red. You could try, Revlon Super Lustrous in Revlon Red (R110) ; Mac lipstick in Russian Red (R195) 
  • Medium skin tone: Warmer tones of red with a yellow-based finish or a slight orange. If you want to be bold, then try a more red - pink shade as it will complement your golden undertone. Maybelline Colour Sensational in Ruby Star (R109.99) 
  • Dark skin tone: A deep. rich colour or a wine red colour is best as bright colours will be too harsh. Rimmel Moisture Renew in Burgundy Delight (R99). 
Remember to moisturise your lips with a good lip balm and apply a lip liner to avoid any messy stains around your lips. This is where the budgeting comes in.

  • Step 1: Maybelline's Baby lips in Cherry Me, to give your lips a red tint to help bring out your lipsticks true colour as well as providing some moisture to your lips to prevent and cracked lines from showing. [View my previous post about this product range] (R24.95)
  • Step 2: Essence lipliner in Red Blush, linning your lips prevents any lipstick from messing around your lips. It also helps with making your lipstick last longer, all you need to do is line your lips and then fill it in with your lip liner before you apply your lipstick. (R18.95)
So that is my mix of some splurging and some savings.
I hope this was of some help. Pick your shade of red and enjoy the festive season!

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