5 Dec 2014

Spray away oily hair

Makeup done, outfit done, hair..oily. Nothing ruins your look more than greasy frizzy hair but stress no more as Batiste dry shampoo is just a spray away from saving your look.

It is perfect for when you pick an extra half an hour of sleep over washing your hair, or decide to go out with only enough time to get your makeup done.

Batiste dry shampoo is quite affordable for those who are on a budget. Batiste dry shampoo also comes in a variety of different fragrances as well as my favorite, the travel size, which is perfect to carry in your bag if you are going out with friends or on a date after a busy day at work. 

It can also be used in between washes because it is not healthy to wash your hair everyday. If you feel your hair gets oily easily then just spray on some of the dry shampoo and you are set for the day rather than washing it and removing the essential oils your hair needs to grow.

Batiste dry shampoo is perfect if you have dyed your hair and cannot afford regular salon trips or if you have a busy schedule and need something that is quick and effective. The ingredients used will enhance your colour and keep your hair looking silky and beautiful. 

Batiste dry shampoo is effective, affordable and convenient and only R69.99 from your nearest Clicks store.

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