17 Jan 2015

Beauty Vloggers who inspire me.

I thought it would be nice to share with you guys which beauty vlogers I enjoy watching.
A 'vlogger,' for those of you who might not know, is simply a video blogger rather than a blogger who types up their posts.

Anyways, I log onto YouTube to view my favorite vloggers and of course I primarily watch beauty vloggers. I have a few international vloggers and some closer to home whom I love watching.

  • Kaushal Beauty: I absolutely adore her make up tutorials as well as her hair tutorials. The make up looks that she creates is simple to follow. If you want tips on how to create different lokks from vampy make up to Kylie Jenner inspired looks, then her vlog is the one for you.
  • Zahrah Aliyah: This was the first beauty vlogger I subscribed to and I must say that Zahrah was the vlogger who really got me interested in make up and beauty. What I really enjoy about her vlog is her step-by-step tutorials on highlighting and contouring. I really love the beauty reviews that she posts on products that she has used. It is a mix of make up reviews as well as beauty care products. I am always watching her skin care routine which will be enjoyed by those who may have some scaring or have acne prone skin. 
  • Mr Jovita George, Carli Bybel, and Michelle Phan: The reason why I grouped these three vloggers is because I enjoy watching their vlogs for the same reason. They are fun and entertaining to watch. They also don't only post about make up but life as well. You can find posts on how to lose weight, how to become confident and clothing ideas for school.  

  • Beauty Candy Loves: Candice is actually a Beauty Blogger and not a Vlogger but I had to include her because I love her blog!! If you cannot afford high end brands then you need to subscribe to her blog because she posts the best dupes ever! She covers brands such as Mac, Yves Saint Laurent’s, Chanel and Stila to name but a few. 

  • Lip Gloss Kisses: LipGlossKisses is vlogger by the name of Chicara. Every Friday I am hooked to her vlog or blog depending where she makes her post on her '5 Friday Favorites' post. I just love knowing about different products that are available. She covers both make up and skin care products.  
If you click on their names it should redirect you to the YouTube page where you can view their amazing videos. If you prefer reading blog posts then you will be able to find the links to their blog pages in the description box below their vidoes. 

Do check their vlogs/blogs and you will surely be inspired to create some beauty looks of your own!



  1. hi ..... you should also check out KathleenLights...she's awesome..

  2. Thanks Fatima, I will definitely view her channel, xx