18 Jan 2015

Blogging break ---> Exploring India

I would just like to inform you guys that I will not be able to make any blog posts for a while. I will be exploring India for the next two weeks! Time to leave South Africa's humid climate and embrace India's scorching hot weather. 

During my travels I hope to find some interesting beauty tips and products that I can blog about. India has quite a few home remedy methods that have been used for years with ingredients such as tumeric powder and coconut oil. I have been doing some research and I have also come across a lot of make up and beauty care brands that I am interested in trying. I will do a review on these products for those of you who prefer products rather than home remedies. 

If you guys have any suggestions of places to see or products to buy I would love it if you let me know. 
Have a lovely two weeks and I hope to have some interesting news for you when I get back!

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