4 Jan 2015

Sally Hansen 'Big Matte Top Coat' review

If you have been on the look out for an effective matte top coat then this is your answer!

I have been searching for good quality matte nail polishes the past couple of weeks however, I was purchasing nail polishes that were already matte instead of purchasing a matte top coat, which I must admit was rather silly. Whenever I did find a good brand that had matte nail polish, I could never find the shade I liked which was rather frustrating. I was then informed by a fellow friend about the Sally Hansen big matte top coat and so I had to give it a try.

I purchased my bottle from Dis Chem for about R75.00, and had to try it out straight away. I applied my desired nail polish colour that I already had at home and then applied the matte top coat once the base colour had dried. I was amazed at how quickly the matte top coat dried, it was matte within seconds!

I decided to read some reviews about this product to see if other people also had a liking to this product as I did. Overall, the Sally Hansen big matte top coat pros,

  • Applies easily
  • Dries quickly
  • Excellent seal to a top coat
  • Prolongs the wear of your nail polish
  • Trendy
  • Only requires one coat
  • Affordable
However, there is a con,

  • You have to make sure your base colour is applied evenly on all your nails otherwise the matte effect is different. 

So instead of buying different matte nail polishes just purchase the Sally Hansen big matte top coat, and change all of your old nail polish colours into a trendy matte colour which is perfect for a night out at only R75,00.

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