15 Feb 2015

Eyeshadow primers on a budget

 Its an eye primer show down between Essence cosmetics and Avon!

  • Why is an eye primer important?

An eye primer is important because it is the best way to prevent make-up from melting, smudging or creasing. It helps to ensure that your eyeshadow stays on for a longer period of time and helps maintain the vibrant colour of your eyeshadow. It creates a smooth canvas as well as covering up any discoloration on your eyelids.

First to take the stand, Essence Cosmetics:

  • Essence 'I love Stage Eyeshadow base' for only R45.
  • This product comes in a sleek 4ml tube with a wand applicator for those who do not like using their fingers when applying make-up. 
  • It is very versatile as it can be used as a base for your eyeshadow or your concealer. 

 On the opposite end of the ring, Avon:

  • Avon Eye Primer for R89.95. Please note that the price varies on a monthly bases depending on their specials. 
  • It comes in a cute 3.5g glass jar in either light beige or warm beige. 
  • This product is also versatile as it can be used as an eye primer or to even out your skin tone.
 These are excellent products if you love using eyeshadow and need a primer on a budget. Give them a try and let me know which product you think is better,


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for the response daisyperson, I think you should too!

  2. Hi. I have both of these. I have been using the Essence one from the time it launched. I love it. I bought the Avon one on sale. Haven't used it yet.

    1. I love how affordable the essence primer is. I also purchased my Avon one on sale. It actually gives a good base for your eyeshadow. You should definitely give it a try.