10 Apr 2015

Friday Favourite: Real Techniques brand launched in South Africa!

I am sure that anyone who loves make-up knows about the Real Techniques brand.

 It is amazing brushes made by the talented Pixiwoo sister, Samantha Chapman.
The Real Techniques brushes are brushes that are of high quality but are still affordable. What I love the most is that they are animal cruelty-free as they are made from synthetic hair.

The brushes are colour coded according to what you can use the brushes for:

  1. Yellow/Gold brushes: Foundation, powder, and concealer.
  2. Pink: Blush, setting, and blending.
  3. Purple: eyeshadow.
Enough about how amazing they are, the most important thing is how to get your hands on them!
Foschini launched the Real Techniques brushes a few weeks back in selected stores. I visited the Pavillion store today to see what the prices are like. It varied between R99.95 - R199.95.
I was able to purchase the starter kit which consists of 5 brushes and a panoramic case (dual carrier and stand which keeps brushes organised on your counter or on the go). 

 The starter kit is R329.95 and contains the following brushes:

I wrote down the prices of the individual brushes that are available, however, some of these brushes were sold out in Pavillion and so I got prices from Gateway as well. 
  • Foundation Brush: R129.95
  • Powder brush: R199.95
  • Setting brush: R99.95
  • Retractable kabuki brush: R99.95
  • Shading brush: R99.95
  • Complexion sponge: R199.95

If anyone sees the stippling brush please let me know. I hope you all find the brushes you are looking for. I did speak to the assistant at Foschini, but she did not know how long they will be selling the brushes for. I personally think that some brushes are cheaper online especially for their core collection kit. If you are unable to purchase these brushes from Foschini then you can try the Real Technique's official site here, or shopping4women here, who also sell the brushes along with other makeup brands. Please note that shopping4women is really expensive, but they already include taxes and duties to their prices.

The Real Techniques brushes definitely take the prize of this week's Friday Favourite!


  1. I want the pink flat brush. I think it is for blush but I want it to apply foundation with. Really need to go see if I can get my hands on these but 100% sure it is already sold out.


    1. Honestly, I want all of their brushes. I spoke to the lady in Foschini in the Gateway branch and she said that they will be getting more stock. Hopefully the foschini branch near you will as well.

    2. Pavilion now has the stippling and expert face brush, was there yesterday :)

    3. Thanks so much for letting me know Dayle 😊 I will definitely visit Pavilion today.