20 Jun 2015

Brush Guards Review

I recently purchased a brush egg from Swiitch&Co and when I received my package there was a pack of brush guards which they included in my order for FREE!

Firstly, I must start off by saying how impressed I am at Swiitch&Co's service. I ordered my brush egg at around 21h00 on Monday and received my package at 10h00 on Wednesday. My order was neatly packaged and came with a free Konjac sponge and the brush guards. Speedy delivery and a special treat, definitely a company worth going back to.

So on to the brush guards...

I have been noticing that the bristles on my make-up brushes were sticking out. I used to squeeze the bristles together after I washed my brushes to get them back into shape. This used to work for a bit but after I used the brushes, the bristles began to stick out again.

I decided to give the brush guards a try since I received them. Initially, I thought it would just protect the brushes from being exposed to dirt. I kept them on for a few days and after a week I noticed that the brushed maintained their shape. It was more noticeable on m stippling brush and powder brush.

I didn't think it would make as much of a difference as they did. The guards help keep dirt off your makeup brushes as well as maintain the brushes shape. The guards are a transparent rubber-like material. It looks like a fish net.

Application is also very simple,
1. Slide the bottom of your brush down the top of the brush guard

2. Push your brush down until the guard covers the top of your brush and forms a cone shape

3. Store your brushes in a holder or case, whichever you prefer.

If you would like to purchase your own pack of brush guards then click here. They retail for R99.99 for a pack of 15. If you visit their site now then you will be able to purchase them for only R79.99 as they are currently having a sale. I am not sure how long it is on for. Free delivery all over South Africa, and with every order you receive a free konjac sponge. This offer is only valid for this month. ( I will have a review on the konjac sponge soon!)

So head on over to SwiitchCo to purchase your brush guards today. How can you go wrong with excellent quality and service?

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