22 Jun 2015

Lush Cosmetics lip scrub review

Winter is slowly approaching which means cracked, dried lips as well. One of the best tips for dried lips is to use a lip scrub.

I have been using a DIY scrub for a while now, but I decided to invest in a branded one to see if there is a  big difference between the two. I have posted a view DIY recipes a while back which you can see here.  

Lush Cosmetics products are all hand made and they use natural ingredients as much as possible. They use flowers, fruits, vegetables, and essential oils. What's great about Lush is that their products are not tested on animals! Okay so on to the lip scrub...

There is a variety of flavours for you to choose from,
  •  bubblegum
  • mint julips
  • popcorn
  • sweet lips
Application is pretty simple. Apply a small amount to your lips and simply exfoliate them for a few minutes. It is a bit messy so the best thing to do, is to use it in the shower. A little really goes a long way with this product. Once you are done with scrubbing your lips you can lick them clean, yeah that's right, you can lick off the excess once you're done! 

The scrub comes in a cute 25g jar and retails for R95.00. What is really lovely is about this jar is that they fill it to the brim. This scrub is perfect for winter and is definitely on my winter must-have list! If you do not live near a Lush store then you can order their amazing products from their online store here.

It is a nice concept but if you are on a budget then DIY lip scrubs are perfectly fine but if you want to do some splurging this holiday then I think this is definitely a good winter investment. 

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