10 Jul 2015

Friday Favourite: Benefit Cosmetics

FINALLY Benefit Cosmetics has relaunched in South Africa!!

Benefit Cosmetics is that cute pink makeup brand with the girly packaging and unique names that just make you want to purchase their products.

I made a post a while back on the different dates and malls in Cape Town and Johannesburg that will be selling Benefit Cosmetics which you can read, here.
If these places are too far or if you live in Durban then you can make purchase their stuff off the Red Square website, here.

I will share a few of the prices just to give you an idea of what to expect when you visit their stores or purchase them online,

Sadly these prices are not for budget buyers, however if you are willing to splurge then these products deliver magic. If there is any product in particular you would like to see a review on please let me know in the comments bellow. Although these prices are high, the Benefits brands as a whole, is worth every cent. These products stand up to the high expectations surrounding the brand and is, therefore, my Friday Favourite.


  1. I am beyond excited that these are available here as the reviews of these products are always amazing, but my student budget will definitely not allow this :( at least its nice to read about though!


    1. I am right there with you, my student budget is completely against Benefit Cosmetics. However, it is really fun reading the reviews other bloggers have posted! Thanks for the comment, xx

  2. It is slightly expensive and some products at the MAC prices :X BUT i'm going to save up and try to at least buy one product :)) ...keen for the mascaras and eye liner!

    Let's hope Durban gets it soon, so I can drool over the products in store..

    Pri xx

    1. I have their 'It's Real Eyeliner' and will be doing a post soon, but I also really want to purchase their mascara because so many people are raving about it. We have a lot of saving up to do though! Let's hope their launch a few stores in Durban soon!! Thanks for the comment Pri, xx