27 Jul 2015

IZ Beauty Of London 'Deco It nail decals' Review

It's Mani Monday time again so I thought I would finally get down to posting my review on the beautiful nail decals from IZ Beauty Of London. A few weeks ago I received a special package of IZ Beauty Of London goodies and I must say that this has been my favourite review!
Before I share my thoughts on the nail decals, let me just give you some background information about IZ Beauty Of London...
IZ Beauty Of London is one of three brands under Izabelle Hammon Ltd, a UK-based company.

Izabelle Hammon Ltd creates the highest quality products to be used to empower people and to be successful in the beauty industry. Izabelle Hammon Ltd has been in business for over 15 years. As stated above, there are three brands under the Izabelle Hammon company.
These brands are: Calgel; IZ Beauty Of London; and Christian Faye.

IZ Hammon Africa now provides these gorgeous nail products in SA so that we can experiment more with nail designs. I thought it would be best if I just quote what is stated on their social media account so that you have an idea on what they provide here in SA,

"Our products include the revolutionary IZ Gel, the all-in-one professional Clear Gel and a range of unique Nail Art Couture kits. All are available to both nail fanatics and salons.

Give nails a bespoke pampering with instant nail art appliques, studs and embellishments with our
DECO iT, STUD iT and EMBELLISH iT Nail Couture Kits - they're all you need to create unique nail art straight out of the fashion pages & off the catwalk in seconds.

Put YOUR signature on iT, the nails are your canvas."

Now that the History lesson is over, here are my thoughts on the IZ Beauty Of London goodies that I received.
In my special package, I received some Deco It nail decals as well as an INK IT pen.
I was really amazed at the design of the nail decals and my head was flooded with nail designs to try out. I didn't know where to start because I just wanted to try them all. I initially wanted to do a review after my first try, but I thought it would be better to do a few designs to for you guys to see.

The first time I used the Deco It nail decals, I paired it with my favourite nail polish, Licorice by Essie.

To achieve this look I followed these simple steps,
- I first applied a base coat.
- Once that dried I applied my nail polish (Licorice by Essie)
- Once my nail polish dried I applied my nail decals.
- I used a tweezer to lift off each sticker from the card and then placed it on my nail.
- Once I completed the design, I applied a top coat to seal in my nail decals as well as my nail polish.

The second time I used the Deco It nail decals, I paired it with Blanc by Essie.
The third design I tried out I paired the nail decals with '03 I'm lost in you' by Essence. I did a third design because I wanted to see if it made a difference when paired with a drugstore brand.

I really enjoy using these nail decals because the shapes and styles of the nail decals help in making my nail designs easier to achieve. What really impressed my was the fact that the nail decals lasted the entire week. When I was removing my nail polish, I had to rub on the nail decals for a while before they actually lifted off my nails. This show how amazing the quality is of this product!

 I didn't post a picture of my nail design when I used the nail pen because I mistakenly deleted it however, I will post a picture on my social media accounts soon. The pen was really easy to use and I was able to have a firm grip on it. A quick tip when using the nail pen... Gently squeeze until the ink comes into the tip and then stop squeezing. If you have excess ink, drop it onto a piece of foil and dip the pen into it every time you need more ink.

If you would like to purchase these gorgeous 'Deco It' nail decals and 'Ink It' pen, or any other IZ Hammon Africa products then keep an eye on their website which I have linked above, as well as their Facebook page which you can access, here.

You can also pop into your nearest Sorbet store to purchase these nail decals to try at home, or treat yourself to a day of pampering and have one of the lovely nail technicians at Sorbet to do a unique nail design for you. I am not sure if all Sorbet stores have the nail decals for purchase, but I do know that Sorbet Gateway have them.

I hope you give IZ Hammon Africa products a try. I would love to know what your thoughts are on them so let me know in the comments below or tag me on Instagram by using the tag #Theglamunicorn , so I can see your nail design. xx


  1. I love the designs you got! The first look you created looks super cool! I want it!


    1. Thank you! They are really user-friendly which is great. You should definitely purchase a set from Sorbet.