24 Aug 2015


Today's Mani Monday features a shimmery nail polish by Topshop.
It is called Valley and is number 201. I purchased this nail polish last year and I must say that I was quite surprised with the quality of it.
Topshop is not really known for their makeup collection but when they had a sale (which is more often than usual these days), and so I decided to purchase a few of their makeup products to see how they work. I will be reviewing each product separately, so hopefully they will be up soon.

Okay now onto the nail polish...

Valley is a shimmery apple green pastel shade. A very shimmery nail polish. It comes off as a bit powdery and streaky on its first coat. Once you apply the second coat it becomes opaque. I am not a fan of the texture of this nail polish because it meant that some nails needed more layers than others. The nail polish didn't apply evenly in some places so I had to keep re-applying. This can be a bit tedious especially if you are in a hurry. It also takes a longer time to dry than most nail polishes.

Although there are a few negative aspects to this nail polish, I can't deny the fact that it is a beautiful colour once applied.

This is the first pastel shade that I have purchased which contains micro glitter in it. I really like this finish, it's quite unique and despite the re-applying aspect, I think it is definitely a colour to consider for the upcoming spring season.

Topshop has quite a large range of nail polish and I am definitely going to try another shade. I think the next will be a one that does not contain any glitter though, just to see how the application will be.

This nail polish retails for R99.99 but I think this has changed.  I definitely look forward to trying out more colours because they have quite a unique selection of colours.

That's it for today's Mani Monday! If you have tried any nail polishes by Topshop I would love to know which ones in the comment below. I hope you have a lovely week,


  1. That is a gorgeous shade! Fairleigh had a tip on her blog a while ago, using a matte top coat after your base coat helps a lot with the streaks some sheer polishes tend to make, I struggle with the same thing!
    www.piecesinpink.co.za | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thanks for the great tip! I will definitely try that out.

  2. Such a beautiful shade. It really suits your skin tone perfectly. Pity the formula wasn't too great.


    1. Thanks Janneke! I hope the plain colours apply better.

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