14 Sep 2015


Today's Mani Monday features a gorgeous colour by OPI called, In the Cable Car Pool Lane, which is straight out of OPI's San Francisco Collection.

Application and Formula:
OPI describes this shade as, “Good golly, Miss Trolley, this rich burgundy takes me away!”
In the Cable Car Pool lane is a unique dark berry shade with a ceme finish to it. To obtain the deep colour you will need two coats. It was a bit streaky when I applied the first coat, but after the second coat it was really smooth and opaque. It also has a slight jelly look to it even though it is a creme -based formula. What I loved about this nail polish was the brush applicator. It has a wide flat brush which allows for easy application, especially if you follow the 3-step technique. 

This is in the light so the colour looks much brighter. 

I have only had this shade on for about three days now and I haven't had any problems with it. This is the first OPI nail polish that I have ever tried so I can't really compare it or give an honest review based on previous experiences regarding this factor. All that I can say is that it hasn't chipped since Saturday morning which is a good sign.  

I'm a sucker for any dark nail polish shades so it's no surprise that I love this shade. What sealed the deal for me was the fact that it changes colour in the sunlight. I know this happens to most nail polish but I love how this looks during the day as well as how sophisticated it looks in the evenings. 

If you would like to purchase this shade then pop into your nearest Dischem/Clicks store. It retails for R160.00.

I hope everyone has a lovely week!


  1. Gorgeous color! Perfect nail polish for Fall!


  2. It is indeed! During Spring and Summer I enjoy using it when I attend evening events, it is quite a versatile shade. xx