15 Dec 2015


Liquid lipsticks have been all the rage especially with the scorching heat in Durban. Brands such as Bourjois; Stila; Anastasia Beverley Hills have been dominating this type of lipstick, and now Yardley joined the club with its sleek liquid matte vinyl's.  Yardley's Stayfast Liquid Matte is definitely on par with this high-end brands with its 24-hour wearability.

Yardley's liquid lipstick comes in a sleek tube with a long applicator to ensure that you get all the product out of the tube as you use it. The product applies evenly and looks a bit glossy at first but after a few seconds it dries into a smooth opaque matte finish, hence the name, liquid matte. The formula is a bit thick to ensure that it doesn't dry out your lips or look flaky.

There are three shades to this products,
1. Cast Iron Coral
2. Electric Tangerine
3. Engine Red

The shade I tried is called, Cast Iron Coral. It is an extremely pigmented mauve colour that just looks gorgeous all year around.  The only downfall to this product is the appearance. The printing on the tube fades very quickly and this makes it look older quicker. Personally, I prefer to use products that have a more long lasting print on them. This will make it difficult to repurchase or to show someone because the writing would have been removed by the time this product is used up.

This product is available at any Clicks; Dischem or Red Square stores for R99.95. Yardley Stayfast Liquid Matte is definitely in the running for the best liquid lipstick formulation. Its' sleek design makes it perfect to keep in your bag during the day or clutch when you are out for the night.

Quick tip: Apply two or three layers of this liquid magic to achieve a vibrant lip colour!


  1. These look like such pretty shades especially the tangerine

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. They are really pigmented which is great!

  2. I love the application and it looks so gorgeous <3

    Rebecca Coco

    1. Thanks! You should definitely give them a try, xx

  3. Hi Rivania! I'm reading your blog after a really long time-it's been a few months! The last post I read was I think the one about the Bourjois lipsticks...Your writing is nice and that's a lovely photo! ...this lipstick looks beautiful-i think I would've gone for the exact same shade! I love mauve colours. I find them very wearable all year long.

    PS. I hate it too when the package writing fades fast! Definitely makes the product look old and ugly. What a pity...

  4. I bought femme fatale today its matte too and purple. I'm so impressed honestly.I'm gonna go buy the rest before spring