7 Dec 2015


We Wear Gems is a proudly South African online  jewellery store that aims to bring the best to the best. 

We Wear Gems caught my eye the day they posted their first Instagram post. Their bohemian style with the use of chokers and septum rings was such a bold statement, that I had to visit their site instantly. 

All of their chokers, bracelets and body chains are handmade to perfection... And the best part is that it's 100% affordable. 
We Wear Gems also like to showcase South African talent through collaborations with the artists. 
At the moment, they have worked with local aspiring photographers and have a collab with a thrift store coming soon. If you are an aspiring  local artist then contact them straight away!  - we welcome everyone!

Their septums and nose chains range from R40 - R150.
Their Bohemian Collection ranges from R49 - R199.

If you want some cute jewellery pieces as a stocking filler or if you're looking for something cute on a budget then be sure to check out their site by clicking, here. 
At the moment, they are having a mini sale on selected pieces. 
I hope everyone has a lovely week ahead and successful Christmas shopping, 


  1. I'm heading over to their sight now. I read the word necklace chokers and I was instantly interested!

    Heba xx || The Heba

    1. You will be amazed at how affordable their prices are! I would love to know if you purchased anything, xx