28 Mar 2016


Today's #ManiMonday features a nail polish by JT One which is one of the Woolworths brands. If you love cool toned pastel shades then keep on reading!
I bought this nail polish during Woolworths' beauty festival. I seem to be leaning towards pastel shades lately which is a change for me because I generally love black nail polish.

JT One released their trendy colour-pop range a while back. It is a funky 10ml square shaped bottle which is quite unique compared to the rounded bottles that most brands have been releasing lately. Each name is a cute hashtag word. The JT One range is also vegan-friendly!

As mentioned above, I picked the shade #YOLO. It is a cool toned cloudy blue nail polish.

Application & Formula: 
It doesn't apply streaky or patchy. The picture above was two layers to achieve an opaque finish. I was quite impressed at how long it lasted considering it is really affordable. You could apply it with the square handle but I preferred removing it and using the small rounded handle.

You can get a good 5 days out of this product if you use a good quality top coat. After 5 days I did get a few chips on the side of my nails. I was told that each colour has a different wearability time so I guess you have to play around and decide which works the best for you. 

At only R29.95 a bottle,  I will definitely be purchasing more or these beauties. 

JT One nail polish can be purchased from Woolworths or Woolworths online. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend! xx


  1. Great colour, and love the fact that the range is vegan-freindly! x

    The Belle Narrative

    1. Thanks! It really is an added bonus hey.