10 Apr 2016


The Body Shop's, British Rose body butter is soothing body butter with glow enhancing rose essence. This range is formulated to give you petal-soft skin with an instant glow.

The Body Shop is known for their high standard of quality products from their makeup to their body care products. The British rose range is no short of this. The British rose range consists of a body butter; instant glow body essence; shower gel; rose petal hand cream; petal-soft bath foam; soap and British rose eau de toilette.

The British rose body butter contains handpicked British roses from an organic rose farm in Herefordshire, England. It is free of pesticides and harsh chemicals. These delicate petals are air-dried in order to form a velvety smooth body butter filled with an elegant and sophisticated scent, just like a rose. The dried petals are then infused with fresh mountain water.

The body butter is very light weight compared to most Body Shop body butter's. It applies on easily and gives your skin a natural glow due to the infused pearl bits. Personally, I prefer this body butter to be used in the seasons of spring and summer and preferably at night. The reason being is that it is not thick enough to hydrate your skin during autumn and winter. The Body Shop alleges that it keeps your skin hydrated for 24 hours, this will be ideal during the night to help you rejuvenate and revive your skin for the next day.

The subtle scent of roses lingering in the air from your skin is a very soothing and relaxing scent to have when you are trying to sleep. I find that it calms my mind and helps me relax after a long day.
The British Rose Body Butter comes in an elegant pink and black 200ml tub for only R170.00 from your nearest Body Shop store or on The Body Shop online site which you can access, here.



  1. I haven't tried Body Shop's Body Butters yet but this looks wonderful. I love the scent of roses, and if it makes my skin feel moisturised then that's even better! <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    1. It is such a relaxing scent to fall asleep to. I know you will love it!