20 Aug 2016


It has been a while since I have blogged and sadly it is not by choice. Final-year has proven to be rather time-consuming. I try to make at least one post a week but I have slipped up the past week and for that, I would like to say sorry. Thank you to everyone who still keeps up with my social media activity and I hope this post is worth the wait. If you have been active on social media and in particular Instagram, you would have seen these oval brushes popping up everywhere. I have been using mine for about a month now and if you would be interested in this unique beauty tool then keep on reading!

I received my first oval brush from @Cakefacebeauty_ who is a Durban-based beauty supplier on Instagram. These are the dupes for the famous Artis Oval brushes which are ridiculously priced! I was rather curious on how this tool worked because I just thought it was the funniest looking tool ever! I remember having a brush that looked just like it which I used to brush my dolls hair, and now I am using it to apply my makeup.

Firstly, I really like the long handle. It provides a strong grip when trying to use it. I do love my Beauty Blender and I will always stand by that tool but sometimes I dread how close to the end I need to hold it to really blend out my foundation. The handle is very flexible to ensure easy application.

The bristles on the oval brush are compact and stick together yet still maintain a soft touch. If you run you thumb through the bristles they don't bend as easily as a normal makeup brush, This ensures that it grips onto any product formula. There are various different sizes of the oval brushes for the different areas of your face or different makeup techniques. There are large ones to blend out your foundation, thin ones for carving out your cheekbones when contouring, as well as really tiny brushes for your nose area. I must admit that the really tiny one looks like a toothbrush which is so weird!

The brushes are easy to wash. You simply need to wash them in the same manner as your makeup brushes. The only issue is that it takes much longer to dry as opposed to your normal foundation brushes,

Since I only have one oval brush I decided to try it out with different beauty products each week. I first used it to blend out my foundation and it worked perfectly. I then used it for my concealer. It worked well with both my LA Girl Pro HD Conceal and my Essence cover stick concealer. Finally, I used it to blend out my cream contour. This is where I noticed the true difference between the oval brush and a beauty blender. A beauty blender absorbs the excess product to provide an even layer of makeup. The oval brush does it. Instead, it picks up the excess product and keeps it on the bristles so you have to blend it all out completely. This is a bit annoying if you used a heavy hand because you spend a little more time blending it out. However, this got my trained into using less product and building up the layer as I go along. I now know the right amount of cream contour that I need and my concealer amount as well.

I prefer to using this to blend out my concealer as opposed to my foundation. I have seen over 100 accounts on Instagram advertising for this type of brushes and the quality varies drastically. It is important to note that just because a person has branded their oval brushes it doesn't mean that the quality is suddenly better than the unbranded types.

China has manufactured a large batch of these brushes and there have been a lot of complaints about it where people felt that their foundation was streaky or that the bristles were too rough. There are different grades for these brushes and if you are going to spend  money on it then it is worth the investment to ensure you get the A-grade type. It might not provide the same application as the Artis oval brushes but it would be better than getting one that shreds while you use it.

As I mentioned before, I got my oval brush from @Cakefacebeauty_  who has a variety of different options. There is a black set for R550.00 which has 10 pieces. There is also a gold set for R700.00. If you prefer to just own one, the individuals retail for R80.00 each.

I must admit that this is by far the strangest looking makeup tool but I really enjoy using it for my concealer blending. It really speeds up the process and ensures that you have no makeup smeared onto your fingers. I hope you give this type of tool a try and I would love to know your thoughts!


  1. Great review, as always. Might just get the single one of these because it seems like it makes quick work of blending foundation and concealer.
    Good luck with the studies, I know it call all be very overwhelming at times, just soldier on.

  2. Oval brushes are very popular right now, aren't they? And these are such great dupes for it! I love that it's doing well for you, and while I'm tempted to get it, I think I'll give it a skip...

    xx BASH |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    1. I don't think it will change your makeup regime that much compared to the impact the beauty blender made. If I was in the position to pay for this then I would have skipped to. It is fun to use but not something to drop your books and run to the store for.

  3. I have been intrigued by these, but I thought, I have enough brushes and beauty blenders....and they work, so why add another item (that needs to be washed) into the mix? lol

    Great review though. If I was gifted one or won one, that would be great, but for now, I'll give it a skip.

  4. Great post! Thanks for sharing, I've always wanted to try on of these brushes.


  5. Great review, thanks for sharing