28 Jan 2017


It is almost the end of January and it has been three weeks since I have started my new course. It is rather exciting to finally be done with University. Unfortunately, it means that there is more work to do and less time to myself. I usually do a very minimalistic makeup look and my go-to product has to be the Maybelline brow satin duo. It is a quick way to get brows that look naturally full. It has definitely become a staple in my makeup regime and here's why...

 The Maybelline brow satin duo is a double sided stick. On one end you have a retractable pencil. The texture of the pencil and the retractable feature ensures that you don't need to worry about sharpening it. This gel crayon helps to define the shape of your brows. You can draw light strokes in an upward motion to fill in any sparse areas that you may have.

On the opposite end is a doe shaped sponge and a cream powder that is stored in the cap. This is my favourite part of the product. The sponge is spring-loaded to ensure that it covered in the powder once you close it. The powder helps to set your brows in place. It also enhances the colour of your brows so that it looks more defined and fuller.

If I am in a rush I just run the powder over my brows and I am set for the day. Since I always wear glasses I prefer setting my brows as opposed to doing a complete eye makeup look with eyeshadow and liner. The Maybelline brow satin duo sets to a matte finish to mimic natural-looking brow hair. I have relatively thick brows and I love that it makes my brows look bold. However, if you have very thin eyebrows then you will struggle with the powder end of the product because the sponge is a bit big. It would be advisable to have a cue tip on hand to neaten up the edges if need be.

There are three colours in the range namely, dark blonde, medium brown, and dark brown. It retails for R109.95 and can be found at your nearest Clicks and Dischem store.


  1. Doing my brows is something I learned to do recently and having the right products helps a lot. I haven't tried this product nor I read a review on it before, glad it works so well. x


    1. I also started paying some attention to my brows. I am glad I gave it a try because I love it!

  2. I struggle so much finding less-expensive brow products that are actually good quality! And I never knew this product existed, so I'll definitely have to check it out xx

    Thanks for the post!

    Imogen | www.faux-silk.com

    1. I was so confused when I went to the Maybelline counter because they have a variety of different brow products. I am glad I picked this one because I love it!

  3. I love this stuff! I'm the same as you - if I'm in a hurry, I'll swipe the powder end over my brows just for that extra fullness. It's such a great product!


    1. I am glad that it has the powder section. It is great as a quick-fix brow product.

  4. Great review, I love these products, love your blog as well. Thanks for sharing, cannot wait for the next post!!!



  5. Seems like a good product. I've really been enjoying using powder on my brows recently, but I use an angled brush. This looks way quicker.

    Samantha Series

  6. I've never tried this but it seems like a great drugstore product! Have a lovely week :)

    Trishna xx


  7. I have never tried this, but it looks great! Will definitely look out for it. How does the pencil compare to the MAC brow pencil (If you've tried the MAC one?)? I love my MAC pencil.


  8. I must try this! Happy Monday hun xx


  9. Your brows look great after using this, sounds like a bit of a winner, I don't think I'd struggle with the powder end either as I have quite large brows :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
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