2 Jun 2017


I have always enjoyed the smell of freshly brewed coffee for as long as I can remember. This is why I am constantly scrolling through Instagram and Google, looking for a new and exciting coffee shop/cafe to visit. One of my favourite cafe's is the KZNSA Arts Cafe. I remember making a trip to the cafe every Friday at 12h00 for lunch, a routine I wish I could still do today. There was something about that cafe that helped me cope with the stress of final year at University, strikes, and the pressure of trying to get my weekly blog posts out. Here’s why the KZNSA Arts cafe helped me survive Law school…

I was initially introduced to the Arts Cafe through my friend Jyo. The first time I visited the cafe was for breakfast. Being a vegetarian I was prepared for a limited menu and being forced to order a cheese toasties.

When I arrived I was amazed by the art work that was painted on the wall just outside the cafe. This painting constantly changed upon later visits. As I entered the cafe I was greeted by the friendly staff. The cafe is designed to create an indoor and outdoor seating area. Upon receiving the menu I was quite surprised to see so many vegetarian options. Once I placed my order I strolled through the mini show room that is inside the cafe. The showroom displays art by local artists.

The food that was placed before me was prepared with love and care and this was evident by their use of fresh and organic ingredients as well as the manner in which it was presented. 

Arts cafe uses Skyline coffee roaster which is quite an intense coffee blend. It is a blend of 200% Arabica blend. If you're having a terrible day then the Skyline coffee roaster blend is definitely the blend that will get you through your day.

As mentioned earlier, I became a regular member of this cafe especially for lunch. What I enjoyed was that they update their menu on a regular basis. This allows you to try out new options as opposed to being stuck with the same options every week. Furthermore, their prices are reasonable especially for the amount of food that you get. On one occasion I was able to share my meal and it was still filling. Students were able to order burgers (only meat options) for R30.00 upon presentation of their student cards which is quite reasonable especially. The menu caters for children and adults. On numerous occasions they were willing to adjust their meals to accommodate my dietary requirements. Their menu incorporates a selection of breakfast and lunch options as well as some delicious tea time treats such as cakes and muffins.

The cafe has a very relaxing atmosphere which helped me calm my mind because I usually arrived at the cafe after writing my weekly test.  The friendly staff, quality food and coffee, and affordable prices are but a few reasons as to why I constantly suggest the Arts Cafe to my friends and family. The cafe has an outdoor play area for the children which is the perfect way for parents to sneak in a few minutes of relaxation.

The KZNSA Arts Café is situated at, 166 Bulwer Road, Durban. Their trading hours are,
Tuesday –Friday: 9h00-17h00
Saturday: 9h00-16h00
Sunday: 10h00-15h00
Monday: closed

I hope that you enjoyed this post as compared to my usual beauty related posts. If there is a particular coffee shop or cafe that you love, please leave the name in the comments below. I am always looking for a new place to try out. Stay tuned for more of my favourite coffee shops!

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