13 Jun 2017


If there is one thing that I love more than makeup, it is coffee. The smell of freshly brewed coffee is a scent that brings me comfort and joy regardless of the type of day I had. It is for this very reason that the Hey Gorgeous, cuticle oil caught my eye. I know it is strange to use coffee and oil in the same sentence but Hey Gorgeous found a way to make it work, and here’s why…

Over the past year, I have been staring at the Hey Gorgeous store that opened up in La Lucia Mall, wondering what magical product they were hiding in their store. I loved how simple the layout was. The front of the store is glass, showcasing their entire range to anyone who walked past. As you enter the store, you are welcomed by the soothing scent that lingers in the air due to the natural ingredients they use to make their products. There were white shelves displaying their products which are packaged with a simple and clean cut design.

Winter is slowly approaching and although I use a hand cream on a daily basis, my cuticles needed some TLC. As I browsed the shelves, I found the product that changed my cuticles life, the cappuccino scented cuticle oil! I did not even hesitate as to whether or not to look for another product.

I always have a problem with my skin tearing around my cuticles especially during the colder months. The Hey Gorgeous cuticle oil is packaged in a 10ml glass bottle with a white screw lid. The tip of the bottle as a roller ball similar to the lip gloss that every girl owned in the 90’s. The roller ball ensures effortless application around your cuticle, releasing the right amount of product to massage into your cuticles.

According to Hey Gorgeous, their cuticle oil is, “an intensely moisturising oil that softens cuticles and cares for dry, brittle nails.” I couldn’t agree more with this description.

I have been using the oil every night and I have noticed a drastic change in my nails. I don’t have a problem with my skin tearing around my nails or white powder forming around them as I used to.
The cuticle oil contains vitamin E and macadamia nut which helps to moisturise and condition your nails. The added bonus has to be the lingering scent of cappuccino that you get as you use this product, which is why I have been using it religiously every night.

Cuticle oil does not receive the recognition that it deserves. It is definitely a product that requires commitment in order to see results. I do, however, believe that it is worth the wait. I purchased my cappuccino cuticle oil from Hey Gorgeous for R90.00.

Hey Gorgeous offer online purchases. They stock products for both men and women. Furthermore, to save the best for last, all their products are ‘beauty without cruelty’ accredited. For more information visit, www.hey-gorgeous.co.za


  1. Oh very interesting product
    I would like try something like this

    1. It is really effective and smells amazing!

  2. :) Thank you so much for your fab review Rivania. We're so delighted you are enjoying it xxx

  3. Never heard of this before but sounds interesting. My hands have been so cold lately due to Adelaide's winter.


    1. It is rather effective and smells great!

  4. Another reason to love coffee! That product sounds amazing :)

    xx Alyssa // STYLE VANITY

  5. Sounds great, my hands are in need of a product like this one and the fact that it smells coffee is a huge bonus, I love coffee too!! x


  6. I love the smell of coffee, but not the taste. This one would be perfect for me.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. This is something I don't hear often. I am sure you will love it.