16 Sep 2017


It was a sunny day with clear blue skies. The birds were singing and the bees were buzzing. Pollen in the air only meant one thing, sinusitis. I woke up with puffy red eyes and an itchy throat. I did not let this get me down because the day that I have been waiting for in anticipation finally arrived, the KZN blogger meet up. It was a day filled with coffee, laughter and a lot of amazing tips. If you would like to find out what happened at the 2017 KZN Blogger meet up then keep on reading!

The event was hosted by Susann Deysel (from the Goddess blog at the beautiful IWANTMYCOFFEE coffee shop. IWANTMYCOFFEE is a small trendy coffee shop situated in the Umhlanga. As soon as I arrived I was welcomed by Susann and the wonderful scent of roasted coffee beans. The coffee shop was full of unfamiliar faces but luckily there were name tags which still didn’t help me as I didn’t know anyone.
I picked up my soy cuppa and slipped outside to get some warmth from the sun since I get really flustered whenever I am in unfamiliar territory. As I sipped my cuppa I was greeted by a very beautiful Tess. We started talking and we just clicked. It was as if we knew one another for years and met after a long break.

The registration period was over and the event was about to start.

We were first addressed by Susann who welcomed us and gave us the schedule for the day.

We were then addressed by Verushka Ramasami who is the talented blogger of the Spice Goddess Blog. She gave us tips on how to improve our blogs, how to deal with PR related posts and most importantly the influence that social media has on our blogs. She shared tips that will help not only those who have been blogging for a whole but also those who want to start a blog. One thing that really resonated with me was her comment about our blog not just being a blog but a brand. A brand that we need to be proud of and that reflects us.

Our next speaker was Nelisiwe Zuma (@blogger.space) from Conversation Lab who is a PR graduate and a Blogger outreach specialist. Nelisiwe shared her knowledge on how PR companies view bloggers and how to improve our interaction with them. She also informed us on how agencies identify influencers. She reiterated the importance of social media and the impact it has for our brand. Please mind ghost face, I think the flash wanted to be extra and Nelisiwe looks stunning so I took one for the team. 

The third speaker was Sharla from Make-Up Designory (MUD Makeup). I did a blog post about the brand a while back which you can view, here. Sharla shared some interesting facts about how MUD formulate their products, the ingredients used, the training that their makeup artists have to go for, and the short and long term goals that the brand has. MUD is definitely a brand that is great quality and a brand that is ready to be center stage.

We then had a mini break to refill our coffee cups and treat ourselves to the selection of food prepared by IWANTMYCOFFEE especially for us. Susann was kind enough to ask each blogger for their dietary requirements to ensure that each and every one of us was catered for. This level of attention to detail really made the event an enjoyable one.

During the break, I met Asha from the Life by Asha Singh Blog and Michelle from Chellemua Blog who is, in fact, a makeup artist and a blogger for the Chellemua blog. 

I then met Lauren from Love Your Manicure Blog. I was so amazed at how talented she is, I mean look at her work!

Finally I met Sade Lee who is a Mommy blogger over on Facebook as, Disney Mom Blog.

Our intermission was over and we were on to our final speaker, Ryan from Rain
I have done a review on some of the products from Rain Africa which you can read here, as well as some information about the brand which you can read, here.
Ryan gave us a brief history on how rain Africa was created, what the brand is about, as well as the future plans for the brand.  To add some excitement Susann had a few competitions running on her social media accounts. The prizes were some amazing products by Rain. One of the points that Ryan mentioned was the fact that Rain actually has a branch in New York. Rain makes products using ingredients with African origins. It is really amazing that local products are being sold internationally amongst all the high-end brands. Rain has a few promises which I need to mention because there are some bold statements that I am so impressed with. Rain Africa promises to world that their brand has:
 No Parabens
No Petroleum jelly
 No Mineral oil
    No Liquid paraffin
  No Petrochemicals
 No Animal testing
No Child labor

Rain is definitely a brand that is proudly African and ‘au natural.’

After an informative talk by Ryan, Susann gave out some prizes for the social media competitions. Susann then did the vote of thanks. 

Each blogger then received a gift bag with some local gifts that were sponsored as well as some personalised gifts. Thank you to each and every sponsor, your kind generosity is really appreciated. 

The sponsors for the event were,
 Conversation Lab sponsored Environ products

Aside from the amazing gifts, the KZN Bloggers Meetup was an amazing event. I met some talented bloggers and made some new friends. It was a morning filled with good food, talented people, and much-needed blogging advice. 


  1. Ah it really was such a lovely day. Next time we must have a selfie together! xxx.


  2. Sounds like you had a great time. I don't personally know any beauty bloggers in my city. http://www.mrsqbeauty.com

    1. It really was Jennifer. I think you should check on Facebook for any blogger groups in your city.

  3. I love this post!! Basically sums up the amazing day! Meeting you was definitely one of my highlights xx