11 Oct 2017


Today’s blog post is slightly different to my usual posts. I came across a post on the South African Bloggers network about bloggers supporting one another. I must admit that it was really refreshing to read a post encouraging bloggers to show support to one another especially after all the negative comments/videos that were flooding social media. Today I am featuring Simone who is the author of, The Mum Blog SA. Simone shares posts about her journey into motherhood offering tips along the way to present and future moms. It is her little corner to be creative and express herself. 

Simone initially created her blog to have a platform to express her thoughts and to share her experience as a mother to two adorable children, Ralee and Yash, accompanied by her biggest supporter her husband Avi. Besides being a dedicated mom and wife, Simone also holds a diploma in IT. Motherhood is a daunting challenge that many women face and some tips, tricks and motivation will definitely help and this is where The Mum Blog SA comes in.

The first thing that caught my eye when I perused The Mum Blog SA was the fact that it is a platform for Simone to express herself. She does not let the title of being a “mom” or a “wife” define who she is. The Mum Blog SA is a method to keep her own identity as just Simone. I have noticed this happen to a lot of men and women around me. They get lost in the title of being a girl/boyfriend or a mother/father etc. and end up losing their individuality. 

“Even though we are moms, we are allowed to do something for ourselves, motherhood does not have to mean giving up your identity, instead embrace it and add it to your existing identity.”

The Mum Blog SA is not only a blog about motherhood. Simone has designed her blog to incorporate,
1. Bloggers Beginners Series where she discussed important topics such as:
Blogging terms 
Social Media for Beginners 
Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
SEO for Beginners  

2. The Mum Corner which is a platform where she features fellow mom bloggers regardless of the type of blog they might have. This helps the bloggers gain some exposure as it is an amazing marketing option for them.

3. Besides being a full-time mom and a Part-time blogger, Simone being the superwoman that she is has a Service tab where she lists the various services that she is able to provide:

Technical Support – Website migrations/Designing websites/Coding Projects
Mom Movement – Motivational Speaking/Featured & Guest Blogs
Advertising & PR – Sponsored Posts & Reviews
Virtual Assistance – All virtual tasks offered. Admin included.
CIPC – Business Registrations/Amendments/Annual Returns etc (South Africa)
IT Consulting – IT On-site & virtual consults

4. Simz Says is the next tab on The Mum Blog SA where Simone shares her blog posts about motherhood and general life updates. 

Simone is definitely a superwoman to be able to juggle motherhood, working and blogging but she is living proof that you can do anything if you are determined and hardworking. The Mum Blog SA shares real-life motherhood which will make it very relatable to fellow moms. I personally enjoyed reading the Blogging for Beginners part of the blog as there were some valuable tips and tricks to learn even though I have been blogging for a while. The Mum Blog SA is definitely a unique and interesting blog that covers a variety of different topics despite having a name that gives off the impression that it is only targeted for moms. 

If you would like to find out more about Simone and The Mum Blog SA then visit her social media accounts on: 

If you are looking for a new blog to follow and love to support local bloggers then visit The Mum Blog SA because it is definitely worth a visit!



  1. Always great to see bloggers support each other :)

  2. Thank you so much for this feature!

    I cannot tell you how much your words mean to me & how humbled I am by them :)
    You have said such wonderful things about me, it makes me feel like I am really reaching the women out there :)

    Thank you once again <3

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