22 Nov 2017


This past week I was invited to attend a comedy night showcasing local talents at Cattle Baron. I decided to accept the invite and extended it to one of my friends to make it a mid-week girls night because you can never have too many of those. If you enjoy comedy shows or even supporting your fellow local South African’s then keep on reading!

The comedy night was held at Cattle Baron which is a steak ranch and grill house situated at the recently built Pearls of Umhlanga center. We made our way into the restaurant and were seated at a table. The waitress presented us with menus and the usual process of perusing the menus and ordering our food/drinks commenced.

Once our food arrived the comedy night had begun. 

The event was hosted by Mo Vawda who greeted everyone and did a few icebreakers to create some laughter in the room. Mo then introduced the first act, Darrien Asbury.

Darrien Asbury is a fairly new comedian but is also the winner of the Kill or Die event that took place in August. Darrien likes to add humor to the events that he experiences in his personal life. This was thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd as it crown related the jokes to their personal lives, although I don’t think we will all pick Manchester United as my soccer team of choice, however, that is a discussion for another day. 

The second act was the energetic and vibrant Leah Jasmine from Port Edward. Leah did not hold back. Leah went straight into her gender-based jokes which people usually whisper to one another about, but she put it all out in the open. I personally loved that she was so comfortable sharing her opinion regardless of the fact that the crowd consisted of both genders. Leah is a teacher turned comedian and this allowed her to share some insight on what teachers really think when they in the classroom. She walked around the room and interacted with the crowd which made us feel part of her jokes as opposed to feeling like she was simply reciting jokes she had prepared.  

The third act was Musa Zondi. Musa addressed the difference and similarities between having white parents and parents of color. The parts where I could hear him was entertaining but unfortunately, the microphone did not cooperate with him which made it difficult to hear his entire act from the table that I was seated at. Based on the expressions on the rest of the people that were closer to him, he seemed to have been a good. 

The fourth act was Vee Morton. Vee really surprised me when she dived straight into her sex jokes. I shared her experience as a mother and then onto the more censored material.  Although the topic is usually considered PG, she definitely managed to captivate us and leave us in stitches.

The final act was Neil Green. Neil is one of Durban’s most popular comedians. He had the crowd in rolling on the floor from the start. Neil also enjoys sharing personal experiences as opposed to politics. Neil has been described as having, “sharp wit, and commanding stage presence” and this was definitely evident at the show. He definitely knew how to end the night with a bang. 

Overall it was an enjoyable evening. I definitely recommend attending a comedy night in the future. It is a great way to have a delicious meal and add some much-deserved humor to your day as well as support our local comedians. The tickets for the show was R50-00 which is extremely affordable. If you have been to any comedy shows then please let me know in the comments below, I am really excited to attend another in the future. 


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