7 Apr 2018


Many of you have come across a Sorbet store at your nearest shopping mall. It is a franchise that has been growing rapidly throughout South Africa. I have visited two of their stores for some treatments and decided to share my thoughts on same. If you have not been to Sorbet and would like to know more about them then keep on reading!


Sorbet is known as a beauty therapy hub nationwide, with stores throughout South Africa and some in the United Kingdom.

“From manicures to pedicures, skin care and body massages, good hair days and bad hair days (and unwanted hair days) we’re here to serve up a double scoop of “Amazing” all week long.”

 A statement that caught my eye when I was initially browsing their site is that service is the foundation of their franchise. 

“Service”, is the spine of our business. This is what we are built on, and around. Our service is what keeps us walking tall and standing proud. We serve differently. We serve with heart. And it’s the heart of our business that sets us apart. “

This is a bold statement to make but one that has been evident every time I visit a sorbet store regardless of where it is located. They have a welcoming aura and an inviting atmosphere. Their staff are always friendly and professional and this form of service is what draws me back to Sorbet time and time again. 


Sorbet La Lucia is situated in La Lucia Mall. It offers the full sorbet experience including nails, facial treatments, and now a supplier of the newly launched sorbet makeup brand. 

I visited the store a few times to have my nails done. I did the express manicure which I reviewed a while back. You can read that post, here. Unfortunately, my nails did not last with a standard application of nail polish due to the work that I do.

I recently visited the store to have a set of gelish done. Sorbet has a variety of shades suitable for any colour combination you may have. I decided to have nude nails and a rose gold feature nail. As per my previous review, the nail technician was professional and friendly.

With regard to application, my cuticles were pushed back, nail bed buffed and my nails were filed into my desired shape. I generous layer of gel polish was applied, and the colour was sealed with a glossy top coat.

The set stayed chip free for three and a half weeks which was pretty good. I generally change my nail colour on a monthly basis so it worked well for me. 

The treatment was valued at R245.00. 


Sorbet Sunningdale is situated in the revamped Sunningdale Centre off Village way. I visited their store when they opened to have some waxing done. I decided to try a facial treatment to have a feel of a different treatment that Sorbet offers, being that it is a face and body salon. 

I was greeted by a friendly beautician and was accompanied to the treatment room. The wax that was used had a pleasant scent. The wax was melted at the right temperature as the wax did not burn or sting on my face. Once the beautician removed the wax she applied some pressure with her fingers to calm any sting that would be present from the ripping off of the wax. Finally, the beautician applied a cooling cream and the treatment was over. 

When I got home I was surprised to still see hair present. I generally have my beautician wax and then thread. I guess I can’t stick to a single method of hair removal. If you have stubborn hair like me and you just want one method then I recommend threading as opposed to waxing. 

The treatment was valued at R80.00.


Sorbet consistently offers a professional service no matter which salon you visit. They are on the pricey side but the service that you receive makes up for it. They offer a variety of treatments for both men and women, and I look forward to trying out more of their treatments in the future. 

Please note that the treatment prices have changed since 1 April 2018. If you would like the visit Sorbet then click, here, to view their updated treatment prices. I would love to know what your favourite sorbet treatment is, and if there are any you would recommend for me to try next.


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