27 May 2018


I am no wine connoisseur but from my interactions with my friends and after watching a lot of series, I have come to the realisation that many turns to a glass of wine to help them relax and distress after a hard days work. I was fortunate enough to receive a bottle of the Opulence private collection wine from Conversations Squared. If you love red wine then keep on reading!

About the brand:

Merriment and Co is a new liquor company in South Africa. 

"As Merchants, Marketeers and Manufacturers of Fine Spirits, Wine and Champagne, the Merriment and Co team combines an extensive experience of the fine beverage market with an imaginatively entrepreneurial approach."

Merriment and Co have recently launched new brands to their collection in South Africa. Their new range includes: Opulence Wine; Dubliner Whiskey; and Sierra tequilas

I decided to pick the Opulence wine as evident by my introduction, as the star of my post. In order to make the review a fun-filled experience, I decided to review the bottle at a girls night. My friend hosted the girls night at her place and ordered some food. I brought along the wine and my other friend baked some delicious cupcakes. There was music, good food, great company, and some liquid love waiting to make us spill our deepest darkest secrets.

The Packaging:

The deep red wine is sealed in an elegant green bottle. The gold and black labeling scream luxury and elegance. The labeling has an intricate design with a crown on top which reiterates that this is a bottle of wine from the Opulence private collection. The design is modern and classy and actually looks perfect as a decor item in your kitchen. 

The bottle is glass and has a cork on top to lets the wine breathe, letting the wine mature further inside the bottle. It is bottled in a farm in the Western Cape.

The Taste:

Firstly, it was a mission to open this bottle. Clearly, my friends and I are not very skilled at removing a cork. We were about to abort the mission when we decided to swallow our pride an ask for help.

Once the cork was removed we filled our glasses with the wine, and same was evident as we swirled the wine around our glasses. The wine looked almost "velvety" as it filled the glass.  It looked rich and bold just like the packaging. The room was filled with the aroma of dark berries and violet. The bold scent and deep colour set the tone for a classy sophisticated night, even though we were in our joggers and slippers.

Being that I am not a wine connoisseur, the best way to describe the flavour profiles of the wine is to quote Opulence,

"A premium red wine with opulent flavours of dark fruit, violets and a slight hint of black pepper. Seductively smooth palate with a lingering soft finish, hints of oak and lightly textured tannins"

I must add that the wine was very smooth on my tongue. There was a hint of sweetness as you sip the wine followed by flavours of dark fruit.

The Price:

Each bottle retails for R 90-00 and can be purchased at your local Pick 'n Pay, Makro, Aroma, Blue Bottle, Game, Ultra Liquors, and Norman Goodfellows store.


I personally think that this is definitely a wine worth trying if you love red wine. It would pair well with red meat or even an earthy mushroom risotto or mushroom pasta. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and Opulence really know how to add a hint of class, luxury, and sophistication with their wine. They were consistent with their design of the labeling, use of a cork, and flavourful wine. Thank you Conversation Lab for the wine!


  1. I never know how to describe wine! definitely going to check this out

    Candice | Natalya Amour

  2. Hi there, This wine just won Bronze at the London Wine Copetition in the UK. So, you definitely have a nose for the right wine choice...well done!

  3. ah this is perfect! such a lovely post!

    Layla x